Become the confident, kick a** leader you KNOW you can be and stop compromising what really matters.


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Are you a high-performing leader who feels like it's never enough?

You feel like no matter how hard you push, you're still falling short. 

You're doing all this with an empty gas tank... merely running on fumes. 

You know there must be a better way. 

Women.Lead.Now. is your solution!

We've been where you are! We tried leading from someone else's playbook, trying to fit in. Looking back now, we know there is a better way to lead and to live.

That's why we created Women.Lead.Now. (WLN) to help women leaders like you define your own authentic leadership style that works for you, your organization, and everyone around you. 

WLN provides the tools, resources, community, and accountability you need to lead with confidence and energy, improve your well being, and achieve your goals.

The 4 Cs of Women.Lead.Now.

Get clear on what really matters and create a leadership vision to reach your goals, your way.
Be a confident leader who trusts yourself so you can stand up and speak up when it really matters.
Become a "coach-like" leader who can give and receive valuable feedback and builds strong teams. 
You believe in yourself and set boundaries so you can take care of you and your team, loving what you do and how you do it.


Is WLN right for you? 

Your vision of who you are as a leader is NON EXISTENT and you don't have a roadmap for where you want to go or how to get there (and you want to figure this out SOON!!)

You spend all day putting out fires everywhere and you don't work on what REALLY matters to YOU.

You feel like an IMPOSTER. You can't bring the REAL you to the workplace and it's exhausting.

You love WHAT you do, but not HOW you do it, and the cost is your mental and physical health.

You don't want to be GOOD, you want to be a GREAT leader without compromising you and your well being.  

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Curious to learn more about WLN?

Check out this video with Alicia & Heather as they share what you need to know about Women.Lead.Now. 

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Program Features

10 Weeks of Group Coaching ($5000)
Each week we meet as a group on Zoom for a 2-hour workshop where you learn 1-2 practical tools you can use right away to transform your leadership.
3 x 1:1 Leadership Coaching ($1000)
Tap into private coaching time with either Alicia or Heather. These sessions can be booked at your convenience and help you zoom in on a certain challenge you’re facing or outcomes you’re looking to achieve.
On-Line Learning Program ($500)
The WLN Online Learning Program aligns with the 10-week group sessions. It gives you access to 15 models for Self & Leadership improvement, plus additional articles, videos, and resources to support you defining and rewriting your leadership rules.
Tilt365® True Tilt Leadership Assessment ($500) 
The TILT365® True Tilt Profile is a modern, strengths-based leadership assessment, based on neuroscience and character science. It provides deep, personalized insights on your leadership style and offers suggestions to help you grow. The True Tilt Profile helps you understand not only what you do, but why you do it. 
5 Holistic Nutrition Masterclasses ($500) 
Confident, kick a** leadership requires FUEL. This series of 5 recorded masterclasses with our resident Holistic Nutritionist and Burnout Expert, gives you the tools you need to clear the brain fog, nourish the body, and give you the FUEL you need to action your leadership vision.
3 Group Coaching Sessions w/ Holistic Nutritionist ($1500) 
You can’t be the leader you want to be running on fumes. Cristina Tahoces, our Holistic Nutritionist and Burnout Expert, joins us live on our Zoom calls at the start, mid-point, and completion of the program to discuss how to nourish yourself for peak performance.
Nourishment Guide ($100) 
Get inspired to fuel your leadership with delicious recipes and nourishment tips designed to clear the brain fog, build stress resilience, fuel your energy, and keep you in flow.
Welcome Gift ($50)
We don’t want to spoil the surprise…but our WLN grads tell us they love the gifts in their welcome package.
TOTAL VALUE: $9,150.00
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Testimonials from our WLN clients...

Desiree Brassard 
Marketing Category Director
Mondelez International

“You will leave with tangible tools that make a difference, female allies that inspire you and the magic that comes from being your authentic self. If you are looking to elevate your confidence and shake your perspective, then Women Lead Now is definitely for you!”

Sheryl Murray
Community Outreach & Engagement Director
Crescent School

“Now is the perfect time to join Women.Lead.Now.  With so much change happening around you, now is exactly when you want to know what you want and what you need for your leadership and career to be open and ready for the change.”

Leah Cormier
VP & Managing Partner
Insinc Promotions

"Women.Lead.Now. will teach you how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will laugh, you may cry, but you will leave empowered."

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Who are we?

We are the creators and leaders of WLN. We were both senior leaders in our respective industries. Together, we bring a combined 50 years of leadership experience.

We've been where you are. 

We built our careers in male-dominated industries. Our passion for supporting women leaders started here. Alicia was a mentor, sponsor, and led women networks during her tenure. Heather served as Head of Diversity, leading the creation of a mentorship program and Advisor Leave program during her tenure. 

We checked all the "success" boxes and got there running on fumes. We can see clearly now, there is a better way.

We're ICF-certified professional coaches, each with 20+ years of facilitation and team leadership. 

We're Tilt365® certified practitioners, and during 2021-2022, we studied in the exclusive ACE Virtuoso™ program with David Goldsmith, coaching industry pioneer, and David Peterson, "voted #1 Corporate Coach" by Marshall Goldsmith.

More about us...
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You can't kick ass running on fumes...

That's why we've partnered with Cristina Tahoces, Holistic Nutritionist and Burnout Expert, who helps leaders out of burnout and into resilience.

Cristina is a former Senior financial leader, who left the industry after she reached burnout and from this experience, built her nutrition practice. She's also a professional TEDx Speaker, check out her talk "Sleep Love Poop: Nutrition's Role in Mind-Body Strength."

Thrive Nutrition

Why choose Women.Lead.Now.?

  1. You'll grow and learn in a small community of women leaders who support one another during and after the program.
  2. You'll receive practical, transformational leadership tools that help you and your team be your best.
  3. You'll practice in real time in an experiential learning environment with real situations.
  4. You'll fuel your leadership performance in mind, heart, body, and spirit under the guidance of a holistic nutritionist and certified leadership coaches.
  5. You'll receive 1:1 coaching before, during, and after the program to further customize your learning, and build your momentum to reach your goals.

Are you ready to rewrite the rules?

You can keep making everyone and everything else a priority at your own expense
You can learn how putting yourself first benefits you, your team, and those you care about most.
You can be really hard on yourself, never feeling like it’s enough, and doubting your leadership
You can build kick a** confidence and make an impact on what matters most.
You can spin in overwhelm and uncertainty, not knowing which way is up 
You can step back and clarify your leadership vision guided by your values, strengths, and know who you are at your core.
You can keep operating in a mental fog, with no energy and too much stress
You can fuel yourself and your leadership through love-led nourishment.
You can keep putting off making a change and be just as overwhelmed 90 days from now
You can decide enough is enough and prioritize yourself, your well-being, and your career by signing up for the next masterclass.
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A leadership masterclass that focuses on you... from the inside out

Stop compromising you and what REALLY matters. Join our next cohort in October 2023 and become the confident, kick a** leader you KNOW you can be.


$2,999 (+tax)

Total Value ($9,150)

  • 10 Weekly Group Leadership Workshops
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • Tilt365® Leadership Strengths Assessment
  • 5 Holistic Nutrition masterclasses
  • 3 Group Nutrition Sessions
  • A nutrition guide, welcome gift, and more...
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"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

Maya Angelou

"...With their unique program, they curated a set of tools and techniques to identify our goals, support us through our challenges, and cheer our victories.
Now I feel more equipped than ever to harness my energy and skills to connect more deeply with my colleagues and the purpose of our work."

-Danièle Thibodeau