What is Intrinsic Leadership? 

Intrinsic Leadership is changing and leading from the inside out.

Intrinsic Leadership is about taking care of ourselves first so we can take better care of those we lead and love—and the world around us. It's about becoming more aware of what we do, why we do it, and rewriting the rules of leadership to work for everyone. 

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Why rewrite the rules?

The old leadership models aren't working, leaving people feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and burned out.  

It starts with defining your own vision and creating a roadmap for your leadership that fills you up and fuels you.

You can't find your vision reading a "shelf-help" book.

Alicia and Heather started Intrinsic Leadership after years in corporate leadership and finding themselves constantly striving for "something more".  They went seeking answers - reading books, listening to podcasts, and attending training sessions - hoping to get to the core of what makes a great leader. Their conclusion? It's not a one-size-fits-all proposition. 

Alicia & Heather have discovered it all starts from changing and learning from the inside out and rewriting the rules of who you want to be as an intrinsic leader.

"I highly recommend this course. Heather and Alicia are exceptional at helping women look within, recognize their value, and define their purpose and pathway as a leader. This is a very special experience unlike any other leadership course I’ve taken."

-A. James, COO McLuhan & Davies Communications

Start your Intrinsic Leadership journey with our 4 Cs


Design your Leadership Vision with your leadership rules. Explore what matters most to you, and create a roadmap to get there.



Understand what's getting in your way - and its impact. Learn to increase your self-confidence, resilience and trust in yourself.



Build "coach-like" leadership skills that enhance performance, strengthen relationships, and normalize risk taking.



Learn to tap into the courage you need to make the changes you want. It has always been there; the time is now to own it.


An Intrinsic Leader creates solutions that work for everyone  

They consistently ask themselves...

“Does this work for me? For my team? For my organization?

For my community? For the planet?”

They believe in human potential and that everyone is a valuable piece of the eco-system. They believe that everyone has something to contribute, where leadership is shared and not controlled. Intrinsic Leadership changes how you lead, how you live, and how you inspire others to write their own rules.

We deliver Intrinsic Leadership programs through a variety of services, including our Women.Lead.Now. masterclasses, workshops, custom in-house leadership programs, team coaching and 1:1 coaching.

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Women.Lead.Now. Masterclass

What can I do as a leader to bring more joy to myself and to those around me? How can I lead from a place that is confident, capable and true to my real self? How can I grow as a leader and feel fulfilled in what I do both in work and life?

These are just a few things you’ll learn in our 10-week Women.Lead.Now. Masterclass. 

Women who go through our program say that it’s life-changing. They’ve changed how they lead from the inside out, and from a core place of their beliefs, values and passions.  

Our next Masterclass starts on January 31, 2023:

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"Alicia and Heather are extremely talented, empathetic coaches who will arm you with leadership skills that will not only enrich your professional life but also transcend into personal life-happiness hacks."

-Desiree Brassard

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